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Purple Haze

Recently my Canon A70 digital camera was taking pictures that look like this, and no, I was not snapping shots of the Aurora Borealis. A little web-sleuthing hinted I wasn’t the only one experiencing the problem, so I Googled for a solution. On one site, some guy told of Canon’s response and the options:
1. Send in the camera for repair – $100 to $200 plus up to six weeks 2. “Upgrade” to factory-refurbished A75 For $109 including 2-day shipping.

That was unacceptable, so I dug deeper. Another techie type speculated it could be a connector problem and that “re-seating” internal connectors might work, but that disassembly was “not for the faint-hearted.” There was a link to a website with pictures and step by step disassembly instructions, but “Mälukaardi pilus on peidus üks kolmest kruvist, mis hoiab päästikunupu tükki kinni” wasn’t real clear to me. Hey, I asked for directions! Oh, what the hell, it wasn’t working anyway, so I’m going in! I bought an eyeglass screwdriver and had at it.

One thing I did notice was the area where the button to take a picture resides wasn’t seated flush. I started unscrewing. After the removal of 6 teeny-tiny screws, I decided I’d get no further into the unit, but I might be able to fix the seating problem. After several attempts to snap it flush, I determined a little plastic lip (red circle) was preventing the achievement of full flushness. One second with an Exacto knife and that problem was um, gone. I re-assembled the unit with all 6 screws. Well, 5… I broke the plastic where one was to go, but it still works with 5! Canon, imagine the cost savings! I tossed in batteries and turned it on…

Voila! It works! I have no idea why, but hey… hopefully, it will stay that way for some vacation shots next week.


  1. Blogger User

    What’s up with the Googling? A little love over here? (and job security?)

  2. megan

    How did u take a picture of the camera when it was disassembeled?

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