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“Upon us all, a little rain must fall.”*

Friday was an interesting day. Waking up without an alarm at 4:40am was probably a good thing and an indication my “body clock” knew what the day held in store. The sunrise Friday morning painted a picture that whispered, “an interesting day is on the horizon.” The week was a blur, beginning with a visit to a soggy Fenway Park Monday night with good friend Jeff. We manuvered (and when I say “we,” I mean Jeff) through traffic, parked for $20.00, and waited with other hopeful Sox fans under a spitting sky seeking refuge in the old ballyard.

We arrived right at the start time of 7:05, and had time for two $6.75 Harp’s on draught and a couple $3.75 hot dogs before they announced the game was off and would be replayed Tuesday at 1:05. On the way out of the garage, Jeff asked me how Richard Nixon compared to George W. Bush. Jeff’s a student of history and I’m his living artifact. I think I said Nixon gets a bum rap because of Watergate, and that diminishes the accomplishments he made, starting both the end of the Cold War and the beginning of China as a world economic power. (Side note: If we handle the China relationship right, we become productive global partners. If not, WWIII likely destroys life as we know it.)

So it was Game, Rinse, Repeat and we both were able to make it back to Fenway for the Tuesday matinee, won by the Sox. There, I admired the artistry of the mobile hot-dog vendor. Sadly, a tough young Toronto club took the next two games of the series, essentially allowing the Bronx Bombers to win their 8th consecutive AL East title. On Friday morning I was presenting to 100 or so co-workers, and used some Sox-Yankee fodder as a light opening. I knew it would work on these members of Red Sox Nation and a few subversive embedded Yankee fans. Fear is often interrupted by nervous laughter. At five minutes to my 9:00 presentation, I got a call telling me I had to be at a very important, non-negotiable “meeting” with Megan that very same hour. Enter rush of adreneline. I saw my new boss looking at me and I know she was worried. I guess my face says quite a bit at times. Once the session began, there were no thoughts of the scheduling conflict. I’d simply do my job and then beam myself 30 miles in time for the appointment. Everything went well, but in the afternoon I just began to shut down. A lingering cold, fewer visits to the gym, and 24/7 stress are taking their toll, but I do feel things are turning. In that early morning sunshine, I lingered on my porch and soaked it in. Another new day. Another reason to believe the future will be bright…and colorful.

* Led Zeppelin – The Rain Song


  1. Anonymous

    M.’s recipe for de-stressing

    Friday Night
    A Special Friend
    Smooth Jazz
    Good Bottle of Red Wine
    Lite Dinner
    Hot Shower
    Warm Towel/Bathrobe
    Spot for the Night

    Start the evening with music and wine while preparing and eating a lite dinner. Next- hot shower until Gumby like stage. Remove from shower and wrap in warm towel/bathrobe. Proceed to the spot for the night. Special friend massages your body in silence until coma like state. (If special friend not available – more wine and a little imagination.)

  2. Anonymous

    Clement looked great today

  3. Anonymous

    Graffanino equals Buckner–
    Here is a hint to my identity.
    Twin Sons of Different Mothers–

  4. fifteenkey

    Given the anonymous comments left on this post, I will never, EVER post about mobile hot dog vendors again.

    PS: Are you the Hot Dog vendor?

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