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I can’t really add much to what Jeff wrote today about last night’s Son Volt show, except to say that hearing those songs again with all those great lines was a privilege. Jay Farrar’s music moves me and makes me move. Between songs toward the end of the show, someone yelled out, “JAY FARRAR IS GOD.” Frankly, I don’t think God is as good a songwriter… On the ride home, Jeff and I chatted about some of the many shows we’ve seen together over the years. They have been a privilege. Whether today, tomorrow or twenty years from now, I’ll always be able to say to Jeff, “Man, we saw some great shows, didn’t we?”

“Find strength from the words
Of those that went before
Take what you need
But leave even more”

Jay Farrar, “World Waits for You”


  1. Blogger User

    Man, we saw a great show.

  2. Anonymous

    Have you two ever seen Uncle Tupelo?

    How do you compare?

  3. fifteenkey

    I believe Jeff saw Tupelo while he was at Kent State back in ’91 or so… Back during those ’95 shows, both bands played alot of Tupelo songs… On Sunday night, Farrar only pulled out “Chickamauga,” but it killed!

  4. Blogger User

    I see Tupelo when they opened for Teenage Fanclub in ’91 (what a double bill!). It would have been right after “Still Feel Gone” was released.

    I was really there to see Teenage Fanclub and had only seen/heard UT in passing, but they certainly opened my eyes that night. Extremely powerful.


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