On what seems to be an annual basis, whether I need to or not, I peer into the abyss of my underwear drawer and see nothing but the tattered remains of the few, the proud, the Hanes Boxer Briefs. Yes, they were willing to fight on, protecting me from… well, I guess from the inside of my pants, but time waits for no one, and the onslaught they endured day after day finally broke them. I suppose if they enjoyed shore leave once in a while, their morale would have been stronger, but these guys saw nothing but life in the trenches. Their only respite was a bath now and then. God forbid I ever got into “an accident” and the poor paramedics had to see me in those. Yes, it was time for reinforcements. Now going out to buy new skivies is not something I look forward to, so I thought I’d see if shopping for underwear in my underwear was feasible. I’m happy to report there’s a lot of undies on the net. Some I saw on ebay seemed not quite new, so I stayed off that potentially dangerous, um, highway.

I ended up at a lovely little storefront called One Hanes Place. It sells only new briefs, and also has cool features like the “Bra Finder” for those of you so inclined. At One Hanes Place, bloomer browsing was a breeze, and I boldly bought boxer briefs, but not bikini’s.

How could I not with this description:

“The support of briefs. Plus the freedom of boxers. It adds up to classic Hanes comfort.

  • Ring-spun fabric feels super-soft. It’s even preshrunk for lasting fit.
  • Long-leg styling looks sleek and streamlined.
  • Wide Hanes waistband fits extra gently.”

Hopefully, they’ll show up before I have to “go commando” like Kramer in a classic Seinfeld short from 1994.