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The religious right has blessed us with “Dubya,” now they’ve taken away Halloween. Well, they did at one Newton, MA elementary school this week because it upset their “religious sensibilities.” Yep, kids dressing up as Snow White or Harry Potter and collecting treats in the neighborhood is sure upsetting. I fought this battle for a few years for my own kids who were not allowed to celebrate Halloween. One year I just rebelled and went for it. Kyle loved it of course, dressing as Darth Maul, Batman, Darth Vader, Two-Face, Captain Hook, and Mr. Potter. During this stretch of paganism, I’ve gone with the Emporer from Star Wars, Dr. Evil, and the esteemed Rubeus Hagrid. I have to say, the first year of the revolt was the best. After about an hour locked in my bathroom, I emerged as old Jack Napier himself – the Joker. I wish I had a picture of Kyle’s face when he first saw me. He was really scared and hesitantly asked, “Dad, is it you?” What fun we had dressing up and being characters for a night. Now the pressure is back on Kyle to not dress up anymore. That’s enough fun I guess. To those who would take this fun away, I think Jack Nicholson as the Joker has some good advice.

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    The religious controversy over Halloween, really comes down to this: the only people who are allowed to have issues with dressing-up for Halloween, are those that spend the rest of the year without a “mask”.

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