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Leo’s Treo

My latest gadget is a Palm Treo 650 and it is the best thing EVER! Yes, EVER! Check this out… In addition to keeping me tethered to my corporate network 24×7 and giving me access to the WICKED WIDE WEB, it has all kinds of cool accessories like a Global Positioning System (GPS) for golf courses! This will really help my game. I’ll never get lost in the woods looking for an errant drive again, but I digress… The coolest accessory today is the TreoTurkeyTimer.

Yep, you just shove this bad boy into Tom’s nether region and using state of the art, “bluetooth” wireless technology, it will notify me it’s done and dinner can be served!

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Blogger User

    You’ve only had the Treo for a few days and you’ve already gone too far. That picture looks pornographic!

  2. Anonymous

    I know you remain annoyed that I do not have the right level of “treo fever” when you gush about your new toy, but I have fantastic news! My brother-in-law Jerry, has one too and said when I told him about your new obsession, “is that the same Leo from the Treo message board?”
    He has all his remotes centralized on his Treo. I can hook you two up…

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