On Tuesday, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon bolted from the Likud Party, one that he helped found and finance, the latter by selling two tons of hay from his ranch in 1973. He split because he believes the right-wing hard-liners in the party were presenting too many obstacles for a lasting peace with the Palestinians. Mr. Sharon’s new “Freedom” party is more centrist, and has gained instant credibility in Israel, indicating popular support for a Palestinian state alongside Israel. Polls indicate Mr. Sharon will win re-election as Prime Minister and that the Likud party is crumbling. This move took extraordinary courage, but the size of the risk may result in a huge reward… security for Israel.

I’d love to see this type of courage and boldness from an American politician, say Arizona Senator John McCain. He’s probably too moderate to win the nomination of the Republican party, but I think he’d make a great president. By 2008, we’re gonna need that.