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Being one of the 3 people left in the world sans iPod, I manage with a 64M Nomad IIc mp3 player. It holds about an hour of music and is perfect for my workouts. In fact, that’s the only time I use it. Here’s a sampler of what’s been going through my head lately:

1. Holiday – Green Day
2. Human Touch – Bruce Springsteen
3. Coax Me – Sloan
4. Jet Pilot – Son Volt
5. Who – Son Volt
6. Six String Belief – Son Volt
7. Gramaphone – Son Volt
8. She’s the One (Cool video from 1975!) – Bruce Springsteen
9. Whatshername – Green Day
10. Note to Self: Don’t Die – Ryan Adams
11. Burning Photographs – Ryan Adams
12. Rock Your Ass – Supersuckers
13. Waiting to Derail – Whiskeytown
14. Wonderwall – Oasis cover by Ryan Adams
15. Respect – Aretha


  1. DaveHut234

    Great compilation, man! Hey, you have good taste in music! HEP!

    Rave on, baby! Always rave on!

  2. davehut234

    Wonderwall by Oasis…what a fantastic, epic song! One of the all-time great singles…


    PS Adams’ version is good stuff!

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