I got some feedback that my last post, now two weeks old, was kind of lame… a no brainer. Yeah, but it was better than nothing, which is what I’ve posted since. A search of “life as a blur” turned up some interesting images, including this, this, and this.

I guess I’ve been kinda busy with stuff… Lots of meetings… Business trips… New employees… Personal trips… Holiday celebrations… Internet shopping… Furniture shopping… Treo tweaking… A garage renovation in my basement… I’ve nary the time to respond to emails, let alone write here. In the past two weeks I’ve received and failed to respond to about 475 personal emails… Sorry. Oh, there has been some beauty in the blur.

So… A recent article in Scientific American links creativity to sexual success and schizophrenia. Hmmm… I guess i’m only half as creative as I thought…

Richard Pryor RIP

The funniest comedian EVER died last week. The strange thing is I thought about Richard Pryor the day before he died. My Uncle Dave turned me on to Rich back in the late 70’s, and I still own his vinyl recordings of that era, including “That Nigger’s Crazy” and “Bicentennial Nigger.” Mr. Pryor turned pain into laughter and integrated biting social commentary into his routines. I’d say he probably influenced my sense of comedy as much as any comedian except Johnny Carson, not to mention what he did for Eddie Murphy and Chris Rock. With Richard, I learned almost anything can be funny. Johnny added the key ingredient of comic timing.

NPR did a nice tribute to his career and Salon did the same, including some Pryor audio clips. If you’ve never heard or seen Richard Pryor perform, his 1979 “Richard Pryor – Live in Concert” is a must.