I continue to be amazed at the picture quality of my plasma TV. BC-Nova in the NCAA tourney will rock tonight. I fretted for months and actually ordered LG and Panasonic models, both of which fell through for different reasons. Finally, after months of longing, I threw down on the NEC 42XR4. I thought I’d suffer at least some degree of buyer’s remorse, but I really haven’t and this week PC Magazine helped further validate my decision, calling it, “the most impressive a 42-inch plasma display panel that PC Magazine has tested to date.” Um, OK.

Unfortunately, it appears women are not so taken with the big unit. Recently I had a female guest over for dinner and I was hoping for a Meg Ryan in “When Harry Met Sally” moment, but there was none. Um, I mean over the TV… This morning I found out why. As I was perusing my morning Bloglines over coffee, I read a blog posting by Regina Lynn. She writes a column in Wired Magazine called “Sex Drive.” Anyway, she claims, “98 percent of women couldn’t care less about the men’s “hi-tech tools” — what the women respond to is the communication and the interaction they can have with these men.” Communication? Is that what they want?