Roller coasters are terrifying, but I like ‘em. You gotta have the stomach for them. There’s that anticipation as the sleek machine climbs to some insane height exceeding 200 feet or so. Then, the riders up front get to peer into the abyss while the rest of cars slowly finish the climb. Just before the real fun begins, there’s that little queasy feeling that tells you, “try to enjoy this, cuz you’re not getting off.” Once the last car reaches the apex, that’s when the shit hits the fan (and in some cases, the BVD’s). That’s when the cars plunge toward the ground at speeds approaching 80 miles per hour and everyone screams like they’re having fun.

Well, that queasy feeling is one I got today when I read this. By the time I could say “what the…,” the “COR” was already in freefall, and I had no choice but to “enjoy the ride.” Oh, I was able to snap a picture of the carnage. Here’s what a terrifying ride looks like on Wall Street: