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Little things that (don’t) kill…

This week I received an email from a reader who wrote that she avoided this and possible death or injury because she delayed leaving her house to check if I’d written. I thought I’d have something to write about that, but I just don’t.

It did get me thinking about comments I’ve received in the 15 months since I began sharing my life with complete strangers on the Internet. The comments are funny and interesting, and I thank you all for visiting and for taking the time to share your own… um, stuff. I’ve categorized them for your reading enjoyment…

Welcome to the world of narcissism, my friend.
It struck me how good my life is that the thing that stuck with me about my day was laughter.
Whoa! check out that ‘stache!
I always look forward to finding out what’s on your mind.
Reading this brought back so many summer memories; “when everyday was Saturday” – love that.
I love you dad. Happy birthday.
Rave on, baby! Always rave on!
I think the only joke that did not work-out had something to do with egg salad. Otherwise, you are a hoot.
Your audience is, indeed, broader than you thought. For example, all 13 of my personalities read your blog.

Something said by one person that reminds me of another…
It is what I like to call, “intellectual laziness.”

You still need to top ‘the Mary Cassett of Meatballs’

Fun Facts
There is a woman in Chicago that has an art collection of rock star’s penis molds. She has hundreds, from Hendrix to Jon Langford. Interesting…
What you may find ironic is that Rodin originally named this masterpiece, “The Poet”.
My boys have lost their mojo, and they have to find it.
For the record, the toilet incident did not occur at the Four Seasons, it happened at a restaurant called “The District.”
The presence of ants has absolutely nothing to do with one’s obsessions or talents in regard to keeping a clean kitchen. They’re just part of life.
…backhair and cellulite, but she has a great personality!

What if Jeff was the normal one and everyone else was insane?
…and we put our assumptions aside, based on our past experiences. Basically, we truly evolve and have an open mind about the possibility that ‘this time’, the outcome might be different.

Clearly there were no questions about your ability to predict volume of possessions or time estimates when moving from an apartment.
OK so this site is nice, your heads a tad screwed up but hey – I know where you live – no really I do .
I would have said ‘conflicted’ more than ‘heads a tad screwed up’.
Weeding suits you.
Dad- I think that you should really write about your fruit salad.
I can’t see Hallmark getting in on this…
That picture looks pornographic!
When I read some of these articles, I can’t help but think- doth protest too much

Please be careful when buying enlargement penis pill.

Questions desperate for answers
Hey, wasn’t that homeless girl in a full body cast?
Are you crazy?
So did the levee hold and the cat land on its feet again?

The 90’s were cool hanging out with you and Jeff. Listening to music, going to shows and laughing with you guys was the best “therapy” for me at that time. I owe it to Tar Hut, the music that you guys turned me on to and your acceptance. Thank you so much Leo!!
Thanks for the memories…
That was a fun post to read….nice.
Thank you for yet another wonderful read………

Not Praise
Holy smokes! That’s the guy from Twisted Sister!!!!

Please do not let me be in a bar with Leo and have a Yankee player punch a Red Sox fan.
I read over your blog, and i found it inquisitive, you may find My Blog interesting. My blog is just about my day to day life, as a park ranger.
I’d like to have your permission to include that photo in the documentary.

Lame Excuses
So, I digress slightly from the assignment, but at this point Leo expects that of me.


  1. Anonymous

    The virtual stranger…

    A point I forget. Usually when you get to know someone you learn things about that person through mutual give and take. Blogs change this. I know about you, but you don’t know about me. Sometimes I have to remind myself that I am a stranger. -M.

  2. Anonymous

    In reflection, the egg salad joke is much funnier a year later. We have come a long way…

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