As we approach the all important trading deadline, I’m looking at my roster to determine needs and possible bargaining chips. Let’s look at my current roster…

Jessica – A one time rising-star who some believe may have burned out, but the club still believes a strong career can be resurrected. Currently toiling in the minors working her way back up to the big club, she’s taking it one day at a time and the good Lord willing, she’ll win more than she loses.

Megan – Incredibly smart, beautiful, empathetic, witty and boundlessly creative. A true five-tool player. Unfortunately, in spite of her youth and limitless potential, her salary demands may be too rich for most other teams… She’s staying put.

Kyle – Displaying equal talent for humor and singing, this kid is the real deal. He’d be a great addition to any team and would improve the chemistry of even the sourest of clubhouses. Forget it, though. He’s untouchable.

Leo – Sure, on some days, teammates wish he’d get dealt for a bag of old baseballs, but they keep him around, probably because he picks up a lot of tabs. Most of the time they roll their eyes and pass it off as “just Leo being Leo.”

So, there it is. It doesn’t look like we’ll make any moves, but we’ll keep looking for more of what every team is looking for. What’s that cliché? You can never have enough love and understanding.