I can’t believe pal Jeff didn’t jump on this report about how AOL let out 21 million search queries of more than 650,000 of its users. The article cites a few of the more bizarre personal search histories exposed and proves without a doubt: there are some shiny scary people out there.

So…what’s your search history look like? Would you want your family and friends to know how much of a freak you are? Would you want them to know about your obsessive David Hasselhoff or Olsen Twins searches? No, I didn’t think so.

How about old flames or spouses? Searched them? I’ll admit. I have. Never found much. What I have not searched are things like “free angry stuff to send to an ex lover,” like some loser in the AOL data did.

Anyway, a look at my recent history turns up these exciting searches:

  • Dell PowerEdge 1800
  • Honda Civic v. Toyota Corolla
  • Lexus ES350
  • SQL Server 2000 datasheet
  • Idylwilde Farm
  • Pink Floyd Pig
  • rolling stones halifax tickets
  • Mary Poppins Broadway
  • Decordova museum
  • Sean Patrick’s
  • Griffin RoadTrip nextag
  • ExxonMobil profits
  • Powell Stone & Gravel
  • XML Integration

What I also find interesting are the search terms that return my blog as a result. Here are the current top searches that bring people here:

  • I wish that I’d sailed the darkened seas
  • Caiaphas the Elder
  • Human Destiny by Lecomte du Nouy review comments
  • Trombone Player Wanted Marcus Buckingham
  • curb your enthusiasm cheryl and larry’s vows
  • fidelity 401k lava lamp
  • hank III overrated
  • marrying your soulmate
  • rock star penis molds
  • rockstar penis cast
  • rockstar penis molds
  • ryan adams wonderwall
  • wakefield merchants baseball

Clearly, the penis mold is a big draw and more scary evidence about who’s out there. Ever wonder who might be “Googling” you?