Today was one of the best days I’ve ever experienced. Exactly one month from September 11th, the weather was glorious with a hint of my favorite season just ahead. I launched a new sales program that was received with great enthusiasm. I spent some time working with Barb and her boss on some important stuff for next week. I picked up Kyle and we had dinner at Megan’s Deangelos shop before going for a long walk and an ice cream. The recently skidding Sox are up 8-0. Kyle is watching “Harry Potter – The Chamber of Secrets” on TV and very content. I am tapping keys and thinking about where to take this.

It hasn’t been such a great day for everyone. Megan went to the wake of her 17 year old classmate who died during surgery to repair an imperfect heart. Megan said her friends 19 year old brother was a mess and that another brother couldn’t be home for the wake. He’s in Iraq.

Fifty year ago this very night, on August 11, 1956, a drunken Jackson Pollock drove his Oldsmobile convertible into a tree, killing himself and a female friend who wasn’t his wife. That couldn’t have been a very good day.

It was around this time exactly five years ago I drove out to Williamstown, MA to see an Impressionist show at the Clark Art Institute. It’s time for another trip. There’s a Pollock show at the Williams College Museum of Art and an interesting looking exhibit of Impressionism and Early Modern Paintings at the Clark.

That’ll be a good day.