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Running to Stand Still…

Some 10,000 ran, walked and wheeled the Falmouth Road Race yesterday, but I was not one of them, in spite of the goal I set for myself 135 days ago.

I’ve let myself slide the last six weeks or so. Physically, anyway. I haven’t been to the gym and in spite of the increased amount of yard work, I haven’t replaced the calorie burn or the endorphin producing rush I enjoyed there.

I do have a reorganization plan, but I think I’ll keep it to myself because setting a goal in a public forum and then miserably failing to even come close to it kinda sucks.

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  1. Anonymous

    Yeah, with so many hours in a day, I find the fitness wagon is usually the first thing to get parked – and mine has been parked for a heck of a lot longer than 6 weeks. My brother, 8 years older than me, is always challenging me to race. Maybe I’ll challenge him to this one. So, just three hundred and fifty something days to go…


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