My brother and his family were up from Philly this weekend for a little family get-together. We had a great weekend and my kids really enjoyed their little cousin Margeaux. At one point during the weekend, my sister-in-law Noreen mentioned an article in the UK’s Guardian Online. I hadn’t read it lately, so I looked at my Bloglines RSS feeds and found this article citing how a poll of how 77% of some 2,000 British women “wanted to receive a handwritten love letter rather than a love text or email…” Incredibly, nearly 20% of these women have never received a love letter, and 44% responded that it had been over ten years since they last received one. I find that incredibly sad, but come to think of it, I haven’t written one in a while, handwritten or otherwise, and ten years passes quickly, like a mid-August rainshower.

If the time ever arrives, I’ll remember to say it the old fashioned way. Until then, the Guardian will keep me thinking about football.