With a nod to the Queen song that comes right before “I’m in Love With My Car,” here’s a compilation of the things I heard on Labor Day driving back from Williamstown. It had been quite some time since FM worked in my car, so I remedied the situation while on vacation and grazed the dial all the way home…

I Touch Myself – A very sexy song by the Divinyls ruined by the image of Mike Myers dancing in a Union Jack bikini in Austin Powers – International Man of Mystery.

O-o-h Child – The Five Stairsteps sang this favorite in 1970. A song of optimism for a 12 year old during the summer his parents got divorced. “Some day, yeah”

Burning Photographs – I almost drove off the Pike when I heard this Ryan Adams song from “Rock N’ Roll.” It must have been the UMass school station…

Real Men of Genius – This series of Bud-Light commercials are friggin classics. This one was Mr. Hair-Gel Over-Geller, just one of the many they’ve done. This site has almost sixty, including “Mister Tiny Thong Bikini Wearer.” Without FM, who knew?

Hazel Eyes – Starting about a year or so ago, I’d occasionally ask Megan, “who’s that” when Kelly Clarkson was belting out a song from her PC on iTunes. When this one came on the radio, I stayed. Yeah, she’s a guilty pleasure.

Night Fever – One think that wasn’t a guilty pleasure for me was the Disco lie. When my high school buddies were dressing in polyester and dancing to the Bee Gees, I was wearing my chocolate brown leather jacket and rocking out to KISS. Still, when this one came on, I caught one of my toes tapping and I checked my hair in the rear-view mirror a couple times.

I only caught the end of “The Strange World of Personal Ads” on NPR, but got a kick out of some of the key codewords used by people in their ads.

I Alone – Before I had a noPod or a Walkman with a cassette, I had a simple AM/FM Walkman. I was always able to pick up the pace when this one from Live’s “Throwing Copper” came on.

Many DJ’s are just idiots with a compelling need to fill the dead air with their “humor.” One nitwit was rambling on about how Steve Irwin’s death “wasn’t cool enough” and that he should have been killed by a giant snapping turtle. Assclown. I think being pierced in the heart by a deadly poisonous stingray while diving on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is a pretty cool way to go.

It’s amazing how many songs are about sex, and Def Leppard’s Pour Some Sugar on Me is one of the best. It reminds me of a time in the “Dance Hall” on the Boardwalk at Disney… And that’s all I’m going to say about that.

Speaking of Sex, Prince does a pretty good job of creating images and conjuring up memories…

When Doves Cry
“Dig if u will the picture
Of u and I engaged in a kiss
The sweat of your body covers me
Can u my darling
Can u picture this?”