Lots going on, just not much I feel like writing about. Some of the interconnected observations and thoughts occupying the space between my ears include:

  • This Ken Burns film on Frank Lloyd Wright was very cool. It inspired me to take advantage of the very cool and unique aspects of my house.
  • Have we become so lazy that we’ll wait in a drive-thru line six or seven cars deep like lemmings to the c(affeine) instead of getting up off of our lazy asses to get a cup of coffee at an empty counter? I observe this every day.
  • I’m not sure which of these images sickens me more: Track marks and the purplish-brown discoloration of collapsed blood vessels on a young woman or a son teaching his father how to inject heroin with a needle because the father has destroyed his nose and simply cannot snort anymore.
  • I’m looking forward to seeing the Drive by Truckers at Avalon this week. I’m not sure which song on their new record is my favorite, but hope to hear most of them and I’m really looking forward to this one. In any event, it’s a couple hours to get lost in the music.

Yes, it’s great to be alive.