Thoughts on this weeks election…


  • Don Rumsfeld – At least he gets out of the Iraq mess alive.
  • George Bush – Now he can blame the Democrats who control Congress.
  • Kerry Healey – She bowed out of the MA Governor’s race with dignity and a message of bipartisanship.
  • Howard Dean – Depicted as crazy because he actually showed human emotion, he architected a grass-roots win for his party in some formerly red, but now purplish states.
  • Alternative Energy – Democrats talked about it…a lot. Now let’s see some action.
  • President Obama – Oh, sorry. I’m getting ahead of myself…


  • Dick Cheney – If there’s anyone the Democrats are coming after, it’s you.
  • John Kerry – Please go away and don’t screw up 2008.
  • Ken Mehlman – The GOP national chairman um, sucked. Fortunately he has a plan B. Isn’t he the guy in the AccountTemps radio spots?
  • Successful dirty, smearing politics – Unfortunately this one isn’t dead.
  • Warrantless Wiretaps – The beginning of the end of the erosion of our civil liberties.