The calm in the darkness on my edge of town was jostled by a restless psyche at 4:00am. Since then I’ve devoured all there is to read in my Bloglines feeds and then veered off into blogs discussing SAP’s recent analysts conference and their strategy for small to mid-sized businesses (SMB). WTF? What’s wrong with me? I should still be snug in my bed with anything but SMB dancing in my head. Speaking of SAP, their small business TV ads portray the owners as dopes with their eyes widened at the mere thought of having SAP in their business.

How to I segue from that to abstract art? Oh, Jackson Pollock. A recent article tells the tale of some drip who thinks he found some Pollock’s in a mayonnaise jar kept on Funk And Wagner’s porch… or something like that. That article led me to this one about the house he shared with wife, Lee Krasner, and then I got thinking about whether he ever did anything with a Christmas theme. That was probably pretty naive of me given the darkness he lived in, so after finding no such work, I searched further and hit a mother lode.

My Christmas by Luiza Vizoli was the first piece found, but like striking gold, if you keep digging and following the vein, the value of your find increases. Burrowing like the beaver in Caddyshack, I dug up A Grand Don’t Come for Free by Jaime Lyn Zatloukal – Best.

These, and many other fabulous paintings can be found at EBSQ an online art association and community of independent artists offering original art at incredibly reasonable prices. Check it out.

OK, that’s it for this morning. Now it’s time to put up the tree and start my “Ten Part Mental Fitness Program.” I may have to push that one to 11…