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Beer and Nuts

Last night I attended a going away gathering for a work acquaintance. While there, I sipped a beer and chatted with a woman I’ve worked with for a few years who’s political views are… Well, Donald Rumsfeld is the man of her dreams. “I just love him,” she said last night. As we were chatting she exclaimed, “Did you hear about the Democratic Senator who might die?” Her implication was that if Sen. Tim Johnson (D – SD) does succumb to bleeding in the brain caused by arteriovenous malformation, that South Dakota Republican Gov. Michael Rounds would certainly name a Republican to replace Senator Johnson. That would create a 50-50 split in the Senate between Donkeys and Elephants with the tiebreaker being a dick… Dick Cheney. Her glee in telling me the news was not really shocking. When we worked in adjacent offices, I’d often say to her, “Goodnight Ann,” a reference to the right-wing bitch from hell, Ann Coulter. My response came in an instant: “Well, if he is severely brain damaged, perhaps he’ll start voting with the Republicans.”

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  1. Anonymous

    Beer and Nuts…

    Do you ever come out of work and find you don’t have any air in your tire(s)?


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