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300 posts. It’s not 300 big league wins, but I’m sure many a blogger hopeful crashed and burned far short of the mark. My 300th is coming up, and to mark the occasion, I want to post about something you want to read about.

What should I write about for my 300th post?

C’mon, challenge me. This can also answer the question, “Who the hell visits here?” After all, “Blogs enable you to have a relationship with your public, whatever that public is.” – Jeff Jarvis , author, Buzz Machine… Whatever that is.

While you ponder that for 44 seconds, here’s a riveting report about how Bill Clinton tried to kill Santa. Bastard!


  1. Anonymous

    As you “wax poetic on fifteenkey” for the 300th time, what about blogging has surprised you the most?


  2. Jeff

    Here’s a good topic: has blogging helped you?

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