Certainly I am not “the” Swami. That godlike mark belongs to Jeff ever since he predicted, dead on, the exact record of the Boston Red Sox in 1993. By the way, it was 80-82 and his stunning prescience transpired before a pitch was thrown that year. That makes me a Swami-wannabe, a Swami-poser… Yes, an imitator and a fraud. That, of course, doesn’t stop anyone these days from spouting off about, um, anything.

With that, here’s what will happen in the AFC and NFC Championship games later today:

  • Chicago led the NFL by forcing 44 turnovers this year. For the Bears to win, that defensive trend has got to continue today. They’ll take two from Reggie Bush and one from Drew Brees.
  • Rex Grossman will “stay within himself” and not turn the ball over.
  • Many people favor the Saints as a trendy pick to help heal the still gaping wound of Hurricane Katrina. If not for poor clock management and a terrible decision to punt late in the game by Eagles coach Andy Reid last week, the Saints probably wouldn’t be playing today. The fairytale ends today in a flood of Bears defenders.
  • Bears coach Lovie Smith is one of two African-American coaches with a shot to get to “the game sandwiched between very expensive commercials and Prince.” Mr. Smith has a dream. “The dream I have had all week is the Chicago Bears being presented with the George Halas Trophy at Soldier Field and for Virginia McCaskey (the late Mr. Halas’ daughter) to accept it.” Dreams can come true.
  • Colts safety Bob Sanders will not finish the game. On one of his kamikaze dashes from the Colts secondary, a Patriot will lay him out. When he can’t answer where he is or what day it is, his work will be done for the day.
  • Backup prediction – Tom Brady will hit Ben Watson with a touchdown pass straight up the field into the zone vacated by Mr. Sanders.
  • Kevin Faulk will throw a touchdown pass. Earlier in the week, I thought it would be Lawrence Maroney, but I’m not sure he can throw. Kevin Faulk can.
  • Peyton Manning will not “choke,” nor will he win.
  • Much has been made of the kicking game with former Patriot and Hall of Famer Adam Vinatieri now kicking for Indy. Yes, kicking will be the difference in the game. Each kicker will get 3 shots in the game. The best clutch kicker in the history of the game will miss one. The rookie won’t.