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Blog Neglect…

The participle dangling from the tattered black background was the first sad clue. I couldn’t really describe it as a blog. Not a well kept one, anyway. It was in complete disarray with verbs strewn everywhere and overused adjectives soiling the digitally pixilated walls. There was the stench of a bin on the floor full of unchanged kitty alliteration. An avocado refrigerator had not been cleaned in…well, ever and was reeking… filled with little nuggets of words hardened and crusty; no longer worthy of consumption… Well, not by anyone of sane mind. I looked around and saw there was some effort of upkeep in the past. There were nearly two years of neatly stacked archives, but they were accumulating the inevitable dust of time and disregard. A picture of a vaguely familiar man hung in a back room. In one of those Déj? vu moments, I felt I’d been there before and I recognized the face, but I can’t recall the name. The smile of the man seemed genuine. Was he happy at that moment? What happened to him? My fear is he’s buried somewhere under the mountain of run-on sentences piled up in the IP address of a lonely dark place. I’ll keep looking…


  1. Jeff


  2. Anonymous

    Ahhhh but the creative genius still shines through…


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