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Some Day…

My computer is chokingly slow for some reason and I’m doing what I can to clean it up, including deleting old files. During my cleaning I found some files Megan has created over the years. Here’s a poem she wrote. My girl was ten years old…

Some Day
by Megan Daley 10/10/99

Someday in my life I will do everything,
I will fulfill my hopes, life, and my dreams.

People say I can do all of that,
fulfill, achieve, and accomplish.

What if I don’t, where will I be?
What will I be? A doctor, a gymnast, maybe just me.

Someday in my life I will do everything,
I will fulfill my hopes, my life and my dreams.

Megan’s creative skills don’t stop at the written word. She also is a very creative graphic artist, both with the computer and in the analog world with a simple pencil or with paintbrush and palette. I’ll put up some of that work now and then. Here’s another expressive poem created just a few years ago, on July 19, 2004. Yeah, she likes green…

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  1. Anonymous

    that’s not a poem dad- that’s a real song :o) that I didn’t write. Ha.

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