Things irritating me while I work on the holiday…

The aging process is cruel… I think I tore some cartilage in my knee Friday night just by walking. It feels much better today, but I think the real issue is that getting older scares the hell out of me. Reengaging a regular exercise routine is overdue and will begin today. After all, Spring Training is here and I want to be ready just in case…

Enough with Anna-Nicole Smith! It is a sad commentary on our society that this no talent, after-market parts, bimbo-corpse is DOMINATING the news. Yes, it’s a sad story, but every day boxes arrive on our shores from Iraq and Afghanistan filled with the anonymous dead of a jackass president’s war, but we don’t hear about them 24/7.

Speaking of the decline of civilization, where is the accountability in our society? I’m all for “innocent until proven guilty,” but defense lawyers are manning the plunger in the toilet bowl of American justice and responsibility. Here’s a case some sleazy lawyer took on for no reason other than trying to milk IBM out of millions because they had the audacity to fire a guy for spending his work day in adult chat rooms!

Sticking to bitching about the legal system, I think it just sucks beyond comprehension that there’s no accountability (there’s that word again) for how child support gets spent by custodial parents, i.e. mothers. How is it justified that a mother has a new house with two new cars in the garage, but “can’t afford” to help pay for braces for the child she collects a tidy sum for each week in child support?

I’m thankful gasoline prices have dropped from the $3.00 plus range back closer to $2.00, but can someone explain to me why home heating oil hasn’t budged?

With the decline in petrol prices, I have no problem with our new Governor Deval Patrick tooling around in a $46,000 Caddy, but I am concerned about the possible maintenance expenses on a GM product. I’m also cool with the Gov jumping on a State Police chopper once in a while to make statewide appointments, but $72K/year to the wife of his top campaign contributor to book appointments for Mrs. Patrick? Uh, no.

Can someone explain why Verizon Wireless literally nickel and dimes me for text messages when I pay them $44.95 a month for a “data plan?” I called and asked, “isn’t text data?” “No.” I see. Never mind. I know the answer. “Because they can.”

There. I feel better. Now I’m going to work out and then take Kyle to see a matinée of a movie that just sums up my state of mind: “Happy Feet.”