It’s not Spring yet, but an earlier start to Daylight Saving Time has shone a longer light on our days. Kyle and I took a long walk yesterday. The fresh air was clean. It blew a cool breeze on my head after a stressful struggle with mobile technology. Sometime Friday, my so-called Smartphone began to lose its mind anytime it tried to get my email. It’s a long story, but apparently there was a bad “header” in some message that my “Jack Bauer” Treo couldn’t digest and its processor puked most of the weekend away… I tried a reload of the native “VersaMail,” completely reloaded the entire OS, and then sampled third party offerings called “ChatterMail” and “SnapperMail.” Nope… In the process I lost many of my phone numbers and contacts. After purging some 500 of 800 messages from my corporate email account, I reloaded once more and hoped for the best. It’s been working since yesterday afternoon… I still have no idea what file caused the problem. Good thing I didn’t need the LeoTreo to save the world…

“Play Ball!” In preparation for baseball season, I’ve been commuting to “Moneyball” on the pod. It’s an interesting story of how baseball changed it’s process of talent evaluation from the opinions of tobacco spitting scouts to spreadsheets crafted by Harvard MBA’s. It’s been a good re, uh, listen.

Maybe time does heal all wounds. While listening to music on “shuffle,” I find myself skipping by the “old songs” that remind me. Like impending Spring, that’s a good sign.

“Winter is on my head,
but eternal spring is in my heart.”
– Victor Hugo