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Ho, ho, ho…

There’s simply no condoning the idiocy of Don Imus’s comments last week on the Rutgers Women’s Basketball team. However, I do think Jason Whitlock nailed it in his column on the subject. After all, if it weren’t for hip-hop and rap artists spewing their hateful “poetry” of “niggas” and “bitches,” would the tired old man have known the term “ho?” Fortunately, this moronic utterance of a back-nine guy trying to be hip has triggered some positive discussion of race in our country. The more we can keep the conversation going, the more we can sweep ignorance into the dustbin.

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  1. Jeff

    I don’t know, man. The Sopranos and South Park are just as guilty of aural spew as the flavor-of-the-year rap artists are. It’s been that way for quite a few years now.

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