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It’s Still Early…

Yeah, but after seeing Daisuke “Dice-K” Matsuzaka dazzle in his first start, fans in Red Sox Nation are salivating (some literally) at the prospect of the Dice Man punching out Pinstripes.

But seriously, what’s really early is the race for the White House in 2008. The best thing about the election is that it’s going to cast Dubya and Dick out into the street on their way to the Halliburton boardroom. Anyway, furious fundraising is at hand now and the early results are in. Here are the standings at the end of 2007’s first quarter:

Certainly I don’t have equal intel on all these hopefuls, but as I told Jeff last night, if I had the power to appoint the pres out of this list, I’d pick Hillary Clinton. The cool thing is we’d again get the “2 for 1” benefit, plus someone with experience to run the White House intern program. Problem is, I don’t think she can get elected because of her negative portrayal by the “vast right-wing conspiracy.” In any case, I think it’s a two-man race on the Democratic side of the ledger between Mrs. Clinton and Mr. “Rhymes with Osama.”

For the Republicans, they have the albatross of Iraq and the miserably failed Bush-Cheney co-presidency around their necks. I do think the Mittster will be their candidate. Romney is as “clean” as Barack Obama, just not as bright. Once all the facts come out on Mr. Giuliani, I’m afraid there’s no way he can get nominated. He’s been in 3 marriages and one too many dresses. And poor John McCain… He is an American hero as a former Vietnam POW. Unfortunately, at 70, he looks too sickly to get elected. Not to mention he still supports the slaughter going on in Iraq…

Of course it’s difficult to tell what events may impact the race over the next nineteen months, and who knows what other candidates might emerge. Newt Gingrich has the ego for a run, but his pathetic hypocrisy during the Clinton “scandal” will doom him. I’d like to see Condoleezza Rice get in the Republican competition. Imagine Hillary – Condi for all the marbles. That would be a welcome change in our currently embarrassing republic.


  1. Scott

    Well, we didn’t actually get that “two for one” the first time around… Hillary royally screwed up the first (and only) job her husband gave her. She screwed it up so badly that she helped usher in the Republican revolution of 1994. She screwed it up so badly that it is only now, 14 years later, that anyone has regained the courage to talk seriously about universal health care. She screwed it up so badly that she never again was entrusted with any role in her husbands administration other than the traditional First Lady role as Hostess -n- Chief.

    I don’t know why so many people want to give her credit for her husbands experience and accomplishments.

    I agree that this will, in the end, be a race between Obama and Edwards, but that’s because Hillary is running on her husbands record and not her own.

  2. Chris

    Oh my God, Scott is a Dem who gets Hillary’s central weakness: without her husband she’s a District Attorney in Chicago chasing down Mob Guys.

    I’m a Republican operative. We’re really impressed by Obama, and see nothing but panic and concern over in Camp Clinton. Coming up next: Hillary tries to drag Obama into a mudfight. Obama won’t fall for it; watch how he counters-with substantial, centrist oriented proposals.

    He’s going to be your nominee and he’ll be hard to beat. Hillary? She’s got 50% negatives, and she’s never faced a candidate like Obama before. She doesn’t know how to handle him. To her, Barak is an enigma that not even Bill can figure out. They literally don’t know what to do over there. The Geffen attack was deadly for the Clintons. You have know idea how: it told the rest of Hollywood’s money pyramid that it was okay to give to Barak and that Hillary wasn’t inevitable.

    Over on our side, Mitt has done real well at the craps table, but a lot of the rank and file are looking for someone else. A lot of pros think he’s an opportunist. Brilliant guy, but we’d probably be better off with someone more tested like Rudy. McCain is a dead man walking. Thompson right now is the flavor of the month. If Condi got in, she’d run the table; she’s that popular. Same with Jeb Bush. He’d crush the competition. Everyone loves Jeb.

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