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I’ve got nothing cogent to write about. These days my mind is occupied with work, meetings, my kids, paying debt off completely, foul politics, presentations, deadlines, rumors, margin analyses and work. Oh, I’ve been working quite a bit too. I need a house cleaning service, yard service, tree service and car service on the RAV4. I need a service to manage my service needs. I don’t seem to have passion for anything right now. I’m up by 5:30, read the news and Bloglines, have a coffee and a bagel with egg (no cheese), then it’s work with very little respite till 5:30 or 6. I come home and occasionally work out, then lay in bed flipping between O’Reilly, Olberman, Hannity, Scarborough, and Colmes. Thankfully I’m usually asleep before Greta’s nightly updates on Anna Nicole Smith and Natalee Holoway. I usually wake up around 2:00; stagger to the bathroom for a number one, then fall back onto padded springs where I occasionally sleep upon arrival. Sometimes not. I’m also in the third week of a lingering cold that I just can’t lose. I’m much better though. Maybe it’s allergies…

The view from the inside of a life is an interesting one. On the inside, one can see the chipped paint, scratched woodwork and uneven floors. To the outsider, it all looks pretty cool. I am so fortunate to have what I do in my life, but it is feeling burdensome and increasing in drag. I need to do something for me without a Catholic heaping of guilt that somehow my kids will face a lifetime of therapy if I do.

Been traveling around some
Crossing people’s paths

Some they stand right in your way

Others like to watch you pass

Don’t call it nothing

This might be all we’ll ever have

I’ll ever have

Ever have

Nothing – Uncle Tupelo from Still Feel Gone


  1. Jeff

    how about a vacation somewhere?

  2. Anonymous

    As you consider the guilt factor – keep in mind what de-stressing will do for your kids because I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that stress is not good for ones overall health. Go play, your muse awaits you…


  3. Anonymous

    I know the cure! Why don’t you pack your bags, go to Chicago and show-off all your fancy powerpoints to 600 or so people? I will even buy you a cocktail or ten.

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