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What would we be without wishful thinking?

What’s the future look like on the canvas of your life? Does it resemble photographic realism with intricate details, or just broad strokes of impressions? How are you creating that future image? What’s your plan? What are your goals? Will you let the future happen or make it happen? In business, we set ‘SMART” goals and attach bonuses to their achievement:

  • S Specific
  • M Measurable
  • A Attainable
  • R Relevant
  • T Time-bound

It’s amazing how people’s business behavior is so strongly influenced by their goals. Sometimes the behaviors required to reach personal goals conflict with the goals of others or even overall corporate goals. Still, like salmon swimming upstream in pursuit of their goal, individuals fight blindly through the onrushing water toward their own goals, sometimes ending gnashed in the jaws of a bear. The point is the power of goals.

Do you set goals? Not “I wish I was rich” or “I’d like to have a girlfriend” or “I want a new job,” but SMART, written goals.

What are your goals?

“Fill up your mind with all it can know
Don’t forget that your body will let it all go
Fill up your mind with all it can know
What would we be without wishful thinking”

found on: Wilco’s A Ghost is Born
words: Jeff Tweedy

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  1. Anonymous

    the word has come to make me twitch
    so I need to make a switch
    is what I compiled
    if only for a little while

    *(spontaneous, timeless, unfettered, pleasurable, imaginative, decadent)


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