A Wilco hangover has me drowning in the musical hair of the dog that bit me last Thursday night. A search of their song title on flickr produces these photos and the one featured here by Incandenza.

“Sicko” is on my list of current films to see, along with well, not much. If I can find “Waitress” or “Manufactured Landscapes” I’ll check ‘em out before “Harry Potter – Order of the Phoenix” rises July 11th. Kyle is counting the days…

Michael Moore has an agenda. His thesis in “Sicko” is that our healthcare system gouges the sick to enrich corporations. I recall prefacing my remarks to someone about “Fahrenheit 911” with “go into it understanding he has a strong point of view.” “911” took on the Bush administration for linking that day to Iraq as justification for a war that now is longer than our time in WWII. “Bowling for Columbine” took on the Omega man and the gun lobby, and “Roger and Me” attacked General Motors for giving CEO Roger Smith millions in salary increases while fired ex-employees were getting evicted from their homes in Flint, MI.

For these indiscretions, Mr. Moore is derided by Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter and Rush as a hater of America. He’s a dissenter, I’ll give you that, but does he hate our country? Thomas Jefferson once said, “dissent is the highest form of patriotism.” Perhaps his agenda is to shine a movie spotlight on important areas we might improve in our society, or at least debate. Sadly, a growing majority of citizens have no interest or ability to debate the environment, healthcare, corporate governance or the military industrial complex. Today while they’re home scanning the dial for a Paris Hilton 4th of July special, our flags adorn the coffins of their children.