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I Live For This

Today “Anonymous” appeared at the salad bar in the form of Barb, author of a recent comment chastising my “over-actor” comments about her boy Derek and my sycophantic admiration of Barry Bonds. I tried to tell Barb how I really do respect number two, but she wasn’t buying it. Hell, his middle name is “Sanderson!” Get it? Derek Sanderson? He was named after the Turk! Anyway… Here now is my public declaration of love for all things Derek:

Here’s my favorite Derek Jeter commercial, “I live for this:”

Here’s the “Top Ten Little Known Facts About Derek Jeter” – I especially like #5…

Finally, here’s Derek Jeter’s top 10 clutch moments, including my favorites, #4 and #1.

Oh, and I guess Barry Bonds does suck.

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  1. Barb

    Thank you, Leo. That was very cool of you.

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