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Up to now, she’s only been a concept. Well, the basketball Megan’s been hiding under her shirt the past couple months is, I suppose, more reality than concept, but in my heart and mind, I don’t think the certainty will arrive until the cries of her new life do. That moment is now a little over a month away, but I think Megan is ready to evict her tiny tenant now. Yeah, there are issues with back rent, rambunctiousness and most of all, the little squatter is occupying space Megan’s used to putting food…

Since the shock of discovering my baby was having a baby, I’ve watched her evolve from a petulant child to a maturing woman. Megan’s got enormous potential and I see the same in dad-to-be Andrew. They enjoy genuine love for each other and the child they’ll name Madison Olivia. I’m optimistic for their future.

We’re having a welcome to the neighborhood party for Madison and Megan Elizabeth tomorrow. Megan’s not supposed to know, but she does. There’s not much that gets by my girl and she’ll probably read this before tomorrow anyway…

Enjoy the day, Megan. And enjoy each one after fully, because they are fleeting and pages blow off the calendar quickly. Years pass like a loving brush against your cheek and soon you’ll be sitting here like me, looking back on Madison’s life and failing to find the words.

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  1. Megan

    That was really sweet dad. It made me cry. I don’t do that, ever! I’m really excited about tomorrow and it means a lot to me that you are too. I love you. Thank you so much.

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