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I’ve Got Hand!

Actually I’ve only two and while cradling my new grand-bundle-of-joy I’m quickly reduced to the cliché of the one armed paper hanger. Last night as I left-handedly clutched Madison against my chest I pondered how to simultaneously hold her bottle under the PUR water dispenser spout while moving the handle to um, dispense the H20. I needed a third hand, but lacking one, I eventually stretched my index finger enough to nudge the handle forward for flow. I’m also wondering is there a bottle warmer technique or contraption superior to submersion in a boiling pan with intermittent temp checks with a semi-sterile finger? Today I learned room temperature formula works just fine. I ran that by Megan, but she’s still watching the pot…

Oh, and the third hand would also help me to blog while loving this grandfather thing.


  1. Jeff

    room temperature formula is totally fine!

  2. Anonymous

    Margaux was raised on ICE COLD formula, I never knew it was meant to be heated, so I treated it like a protein shake. To this day she has a marked preference for cold food!

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