Perusing the Denver Post’s coverage of World Series Game 3, I found this gem by loopy “MountainLippy:”

“hey, trim $100 million off your payroll and then give us a call…nice “bought” WS win. By the way, just how fat and how ugly are the people in Boston???? **** on a sausage, at the end of the day we’ll still have the Mountains, great weather, our health….and thankfully we won’t live in Boston.”

I mean, who complains about payroll? Doesn’t the recent ineptitude of the New York Yankees prove that payroll doesn’t win championships? When the Yanks won banners 24-27 in the late nineties, their payroll was south of $100M. Since then it’s swelled to $160M; they’ve won nothing and they are in shambles.

Yeah, some of us are fat and ugly, but the Italian sausages outside Fenway kick ass. Oh, and maybe if the Rockies were eating boogers, they could pitch, hit and not choke on Rocky Mountain Oysters like the one Matt Holliday spit when he was picked off in game 2.

Oh, and what’s with the towel waving in Cleveland and Denver? Can you imagine that silliness occurring in Boston or New York?