There’s something about it. Maybe it just conjures up the aural imagery of the GnR song (or its images of Stephanie Seymour), but regardless of why, my world is soaking in it today. It wasn’t an ideal day for errands, but there’s a plane to catch and a family that will thrive (and eat) while I’m gone, so I spread breadcrumbs at the bagel store, Macy’s, Home Depot, the grocery and the dry cleaners. Counting the aftermath of bringing all the booty into the house, my Saturday stops included 22 trips back and forth to the car. There’s no way my body dodges raindrops, so I caught a few. They were cold, but not stinging. The stinging stuff is still aging in oak casks for winter whipping. The droplets felt good on my face, but now they’re not so appealing between the weave of my pullover.

Many of today’s treks were fruitful, although the only fruit involved this day were a dozen or so fruit-fly infested apples past their prime that subbed as Tom Brady aerials from my deck out into the woods. I’d say my passing accuracy was far less than the 74.2% Mr. Brady takes into Indy tomorrow, and my “receivers” were barely swaying.

Oh, bargains. Macy’s was having a huge sale, plus I had a 15% off card. Pants… shirts… Red Sox “2007 World Champions” hat for Dad… Done. I entered Home Depot in search of a 4’ pressure treated 4×4 which would have cost me over $12 (they only sell 8 footers), but left instead with 3-5’ 2×6’s from the “scrap” stock for $3.03! Finally, on my last stop at the drycleaners I was informed I had pre-paid for my shirts. Nice.

Yeah, the material is wanting today.

If all goes well, I’ll be in the Sports Book at the Venetian with some work pals by kickoff for tomorrow’s Pats-Colts tilt. I expect another statement game by the Pats and the end of Indy’s short run as the best team in football.