WTF happened to October? The 50th of my favorite month of the year has passed and now it’s time to begin dressing in layers, getting through “the winter seasons cruel embrace*” and looking forward to Spring Training. November will be busy. I’ll be in Vegas for our annual customer conference and will venture to Gotham City for an encore viewing of “Mary Poppins” for Kyle’s 16th birthday… Thanksgiving at Mom’s…

October was a blur because so much happened:

  • A child was born
  • Two holes were cut and one was a whopper. One hole disappeared.
  • A palatial estate in the form of a crib was an investment
  • Over 20 PowerPoint presentations were prepared. 3 were given.
  • Frequent-flyer miles were accumulated
  • 49 candles blazed
  • The Patriots won 4 more ballgames
  • The Sox won 11 in the post-season
  • Many doctors were consulted
  • I lost a Lexus… at least on paper
  • A birthday card from Kyle said, “You’re my best friend.”

* From William Topley’s “Drink Called Love”