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“What’s all this laughter on the 22nd floor?”

I’ll buy you the CD if you tell me what song this post title comes from. Hey, this is an honor system. No “Asking,” “Googling” or any other “ing” for the answer. You have to prove somehow you really know the song. And yeah, I’ll be the judge.

The view from one floor above 21 of the Venetian wasn’t spectacular, but its opulence was. Two levels. Three flat-screens. Down pillows. A corner couch. This four days in Vegas was the best conference I’ve ever attended, and I’m proud to say my company hosted it. Our customers were absolutely giddy. After a pretty low-key Sunday night poolside reception, Monday morning opened with a Blue Man Group bang that didn’t end until keynote Marcus Buckingham found the strength to sign his last book. Former Navy Commander Michael Abrashoff was the mid-conference speaker on Tuesday and he had some great ship to say about energizing a workforce; a direct hit for our HR-centric audience. Throwing an open-bar, live-band party at Tao was the social highlight of the conference, but as much fun as it was, alcohol really can bring out the worst in people. As one of the few people to “answer the bell” on Wednesday, sparse is the word that comes to mind to describe the attendance of employees and customers alike.

My personal highlight was toasting Madison with cigars with my pal Natira. There we were, chatting over martinis and a couple Davidoff’s when the Temptations walk out on stage… OK, they were a cover band, but a fun surprise and a motel memory.

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