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“Can we just get the plane?” It amazed me Kyle was willing to skip 3 days at WallyWorld to get home to his much missed Madison, but I managed to convince the boy we might just have some fun. The only “ride” Kyle really recalled from our 1999 visit was “TestTrack” at Epcot, and after avoiding the 220 minute wait New Years Eve, we returned the next day for another go. Half way into a 90 minute queue, a malfunction terminated the wait. “I’m done with TestTrack” a disappointed Kyle said flatly, and we headed for the exit over by the UK pavilion. Close to lunch, we stopped for fish n’ chips with my Dad, then I fiddled with the LeoTreo for 15 minutes to research which of multiple medications could be jabbing Dad’s legs with sharp pains… Nothing. Then she caught my eye…

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  1. Anonymous

    Please tell me a duet was involved: “S-U-P-E-R…”

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