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Emotional Rescue

Girl, was I wrong!

I thought I was so clever writing, “Regardless of what new political makeup she may apply, it will never paint her the face of change that is Barack Obama.” What I failed to consider was nobody likes an ice princess unless it’s Dorothy Hammil, but one simple human moment and a tear stained eye* seemed to have a profound effect on the voters of New Hampshire who awarded Hillary Clinton with a stunning upset victory over Illinois Senator Barack Obama. Up to Tuesday, the Clinton teams own polling indicated she would lose by 11 percentage points, yet when the chads were all counted, she won by 3.

There’s a huge benefit to all of this for the Democrats. “Finding her voice” with the voters of New Hampshire has transformed Mrs. Clinton into a better candidate and the sobering experience for Mr. Obama, combined with more focus on his actual positions will strengthen him for a potential general election in the Fall.

* Son Volt song

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  1. Anonymous

    Any chance we could get through to the primary without too many of your play-on-words about ‘Hilary the woman’ versus ‘Hilary the candidate’?

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