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Resolution Reality
Last night I attended another in a series of amazing dinner parties hosted by my friend Barb. One of the topics squeezed between courses of deep sea delicacies and their wine partners was New Years resolutions. Around the table we went with trips to Spain, getting in shape to ride a Mardi Gras float (2009 mind you…), a triathlon, moving to Boston, and my elusive answer: bringing Exxon-Mobil to its knees. Besides the fact the corporation doesn’t have knees and I won’t be bringing them there, my joke of a response just avoided putting something out there I might have to live up to. Pathetic.

Sitting in my favorite tube-shaped writing hall on route to Tampa and listening to my neglected “Workout Mix” provides me some time to reflect an appropriate pairing with “get in shape.” I think it was Barb who recently said her boss mentioned the mantra of “managing by walking around.” I definitely think that is a goal that would help me as a person and as part of career development. I need to take it beyond work though, so my goal number two will be “living by talking around.” It’s really simple. Just seek out people to talk to and gab away. It’s the “seek out people” that’s tough for me. Once I get past the “initiation” phase I manage the I/O of words pretty well. Who knows, “talking around” with enough women might get me… uh, I think two stretch goals are enough for now.

Hey, what’s that grease spot on the Ceiling?
Just like some office clown trying to snap a photocopy of their “good side,” “Meet the Press” host Tim Russert had his ass cheeks pressed down on the glass for his interview today with Hillary Clinton. Right from the opening question he did all he could to undermine Mrs. Clinton with the American Public, and for every incomplete video clip and out of context quote, the Senator from New York called him on the BS and set the record straight. It was a spectacular performance and I hope Mr. Russert is criticized in the mainstream press for his ambush. Very little of the interview focused on policy positions, and most of the hour was spent on political accusations, past scandals, embarrassments and generally all things anti-Clinton and pro-Barack Obama. I really didn’t sense any sexism on the part of Mr. Russert. No, to me he was squatting hard on his own Clinton Ceiling.


  1. Anonymous

    Well if your tongue fails you, for a couple of bills you can try ScientificMatch.com (http://www.economist.com/science/displaystory.cfm?story_id=10493120), but it’ll probably kill your ROI algorithm.


  2. Anonymous

    A GIRLFRIEND!!! Go to EHarmony dad, Mallory knows two or three people at work that met their other halfs there and they’re happily married. THEY AREN’T GETTING ANY YOUNGER! ;o)

    Love you.

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