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Sniper Fire, Pantsuit on Liar

“I misspoke.” No, you tried to pass a premeditated lie on us to bolster your claim of “experience” you say your Democratic opponent apparently lacks. In the recent tradition of soiling the office practiced by your husband and his successor, you have passed the Commander in Chief threshold for lying. Congratulations. Please run with your head down like you did in Bosnia and exit the race.

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  1. Anonymous

    Still waiting for your insightful and witty blog titles about the black man you want to be president. Clearly, we get the joke about the woman he is up against. ‘Pantsuits’ is just a hoot. How about substituting “heels” for “shoes” as in “shoes to fill”? That one gets me each time a male peer uses it. Maybe you could reference fried chicken or something for Obama? There has got to be something you can think of that will only insult the stereotyped person reading your blog that a white male would totally miss…

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