I’m left with Gary Kamiya, who writes in Salon, “Wright isn’t the problem. Stupid patriotism is the problem.”

It’s true. If not for the “patriotic” fervor whipped up post 9/11, there would not have been an Iraq war. We were lied to and used by the Bush Administration who will leave us soon with thousands dead and injured, our international image laughable, a $3T war tab and $4 gasoline.

Then there’s the sickening, racial hypocrisy spewing like raw sewage from the bowels of Sean Hannity. He rants on Rev. Wright for 9/11 comments suggesting we got hit for our imperialist tendencies, but will tirelessly defend the late Rev. Jerry Falwell who said we were attacked as punishment from god because we have gays.

How must the religious and phony patriotism bent in this campaign look to the rest of the world?