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Strong, Bold and Smart Women

Last week I attended a fundraising luncheon for Girls, Inc. of Lynn. Joyce is a Board Member there and Kronos a sponsor. I was amazed at the stories of disadvantaged women and girls who had overcome much adversity to become “strong, smart and bold” women. Gisell De La Cruz came to the US two years ago, and with the help of Girls, Inc., she learned English and will attend Wentworth Institute of Technology in the Fall to study Architecture. Ms. Del La Cruz was a 2008 “Girl Hero” Award winner.

On the sixty minutes home, a Jason Isbell soundtrack drove with my dreams about my own “Girl Hero.” Megan is a wonderful mom to her Madison, and she’s also doing a fine job with her niece Mackenzie, who at six is craving the attention and love of a “mom.” Megan’s not her mom, but the love and attention Kenzie gets from Megan and Andrew is like sun warming a flower. Little Kenz just got her Q3 report card and “E”xcellent was the dominant letter. She is overcoming adversity on her way to becoming “strong, smart and bold.” Oh, and Auntie Megan showed some boldness and initiated a return to school. “A” was her letter of the quarter with a “Plus” thrown in as exclamation in Biology II. Each grade is paired with a numeric for “Attitude and Effort.” Those were 1’s across the board, but they don’t even begin to measure what she’s accomplishing.

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