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Mailing it in Sick Post

I think I have Bubonic Plague, so there will be no reason (Insert your humorous comment below…) to this mornings post. The involuntary expulsion of a midnight phlegmball resulted in a four hour wad of insomnia that had me wondering if my current health crisis was somehow attributable to “King Corn.”

I also caught Bill Moyers interviewing journalist Leila Fadel. She’s been covering the war in Iraq and tells Mr. Moyers about the human side of the conflict. Ms. Fadel recently won a Polk Award for her work. Oh, and she’s only 26.

Speaking of women, I can’t see how John McCain is going to win any of their votes after news of his legendary temper and vulgarity toward his wife percolate in the Fall. Even without this history of bad form, Senator McCain will sink like Jack Dawson with a giant “Dubya” albatross around his neck.

As bad infomercials go…this one’s pretty bad…

I’ve written about Magritte’s La Voix du Silence before, but only recently did I discover the museum in which it hangs finally published an online image of it. I must have stared at that thing for 10 minutes when I first surrealed it. Half reminded me of my old apartment in Westminster. Actually, considering the darkness; the whole thing did.

La Voix du Silence, 1928 oil on canvas
Magritte, René, 1898-1967
54.00 cm. x 73.00 cm.
Worcester Art Museum

While we’re on art, Barack Obama wants more of it exposed and taught to our children in school. The right will love this…

I was pretty critical of the Boston Bruins lack of offensive skill after game 4, but after their 4 goal third period barrage in Montreal in game 5, let’s hope I Was Wrong.

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