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Do You Want to See a Miracle?

It takes courage to be the focus of a bright, circular light elevated for all to see and judge. For some, it’s a place too intimidating to step in time. For others, the brilliant round provides comfort like a rocking chair on a shady porch in summer, the microphone a tall, cool lemonade. For Kyle, singing is as natural as breathing, and it’s a pure heart that pumps the beat.

There were some talented kids up on that stage, and several were from Ms. Root’s class. Those special young people received some of the most boisterous ovations of the evening from their teenage peers. I’ve watched racism wither with the generation of my children, and it seems they’re rejecting meanness as well. The winning team sang “Colors of the Wind,” but in this judges opinion, a young lady who sang the comical “Taylor the Latte Boy,” was the best. There were also several capable guys rapping hip-hop songs, accessorized like gaudy gold bling with cliché bad boy “moves.” At one point I turned to Kyle’s Mom and asked, “Does our boy do a crotch grab in his song?” While that would have been hilarious, he didn’t, but thanks to Kyle, our hearts are blessed with the sound of music.


  1. Anonymous


  2. Jeff

    That is totally awesome. I’m not sure I’d have been able to keep my composure if that were my boy.

  3. Anonymous

    Kyle Daley is an extra-ordinary miracle!!! Awesome job!!!

  4. Anonymous

    Kyle – you make it look so easy!

    Take a bow young man – Bravo!

  5. Dillard

    Unbelievable! Much better voice than his old man i might add.

  6. Stephanie


    You are amazing! You did such a nice job up there. I am so proud of you, I wish I had been there…you will have to sing it for me when I come back. I love you and miss you. Love, Steph 🙂

  7. Anonymous

    Hey Kyle,

    Excellent!!!!!! I thought I was at
    a concert..Wish I was there.

    Can I have an autograph??


  8. Anonymous

    At some point in every person’s life one is given the opportunity to accept the love of God into their life. When you see a young man like Kyle get up and embrace the simple pleasures in life, you are witnessing a true blessing from God.

    I encourage all of the youth in Fitchburg to take a look at Kyle and embrace his spirit because the love of our Lord will rain down on you every time you smile and clap for him.

    This performance reminds me to be bold and to be faithful …what a blessing.

    Great Job Kyle. Praise God!

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