This morning I consciously purchased my first carbon offsets. Yeah, as I was going through the obstacle course of online ticket purchasing for a Wilco show, this option was presented:

“Help the environment – Offset your CO2 emissions on the way to the show and plant a tree with your ticket purchase!

By donating to the cause, you can help plant trees in countries around the world and in the neediest tropical areas like Honduras, Belize, Senegal, Uganda, India and the Philippines.

When you drive your car to an event, it emits harmful doses of CO2 that pollute our environment and promotes global warming. By helping fund the purchase of renewable energy sources you can offset this pollution. To do so simply check the text box to the right and your credit card will automatically be deducted .55 cents (USD). Proceeds go to Trees for the Future and Native Energy and will be used to plant trees in some of the neediest places in the world, as well as help to purchase renewable energy sources.”

I’m not sure fifty-five cents will offset the carbon my car will emit driving to and from Tanglewood in Lenox, MA, but I’ve heard the venue is gorgeous and I know the band will bring it: