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Baseball’s not like Cricket

I had a nice chat with our GM from our UK division last night, mostly about cricket, futbol (theirs, not ours) and baseball. He said he’s been to a couple of games and they nearly drove him mad because he didn’t really understand it. From his perspective, it was just pitch, catch, hit, run. I tried to explain the nuance of “the thinking mans game” and how the situation on the field changes with every pitch. He started to get it. I told him a true baseball fan can really enjoy a tight, 1-0 game, but that most fans today want home runs and pyrotechnics or they’re not sufficiently entertained.

This morning I discovered that last night while Keith and I were chatting, John Lester out dueled Toronto ace Roy Halladay in a 1-nil Sox win…

Oh, and here’s something very cool for those of you who can’t stand the 3:40 game…

Bonus Question: How long does a cricket match last?

Oh, one more thing. Roger… Jeez…

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  1. Anonymous

    3-5 days with at least 6 hours of cricket being played each day. God damn that’s a long time!

    -anonymous genus.

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